Nicola sees all health conditions and concerns in her professional business. Her passion is to blend her skills and knowledge as a fully qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Mentor.  It is important to look at all aspects of self - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, as if one or more aspects are ignored, it can lead to the potential of imbalance and ill health. She will discuss with you your health concerns, medical history and nutrition, along with beliefs and lifestyle choices that may be contributing to dis-ease or discomfort. 

Her philosophy is to use a means that resonates with you, whether it is herbs, supplements, diet/nutrition, energy healing, spiritual connection or a combination of all, so that you can reduce the stressors in your life, allowing peace, joy, good health and contentment. Her aim is to help you live filled with vitality, aligned with your inner voice and topping up your inner mojo.

She also loves seeing people empowered by their authentic selves, listening to their inner voice and using their personal language with Source to bring balance, harmony, happiness and health into their everyday life, allowing a sprinkle of daily magic!

Whispers of the Soul, A Practical

Guide to Spiritual Awareness & Connection

In this enlightening book, Nicola shows you how to tune into Spirit for your personal spiritual awakening, She gives you the tools to deepen your everyday consciousness that aligns with your inner voice so that you may live a fearless, healthy, balanced life.

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